Leaders Speak at Focus Film Columbus GA Meeting, Provides Update on Filming in the Region

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Business owners and entertainment professionals from Columbus and beyond attended the Focus Film Columbus GA virtual event on Thursday, August 26th. These events, usually held live, connect entertainment professionals, artists and local businesses.

The meetings are facilitated by Visit Columbus GA and the Columbus Film Commission. “We decided to hold a virtual meeting to update leaders about the work being done in Columbus to maintain our momentum in the film industry,” Peter Bowden, President and CEO of Visit Columbus GA and the Columbus Film Commission told the audience. “While concerns with COVID-19 remain, we continue to field requests from directors and producers who are very keen on Columbus and the region in general.”

The event included updates from:
– Allen Fox, Director of Creative Industries for the state of Georgia,
– Meredith Riley Stewart, Actress, Producer and Director
– Joel Slocumb, Columbus Film Commissioner
– Pace Halter, W.C. Bradley/Flat Rock Studios
– Dr. Danna Gibson, Columbus State University

Attendees received several updates including an informative interview with Meredith Riley Stewart. Ms. Stewart recently finished shooting her movie “THE INHERITANCE” in Columbus and provided valuable feedback and insights from her experience.

“We remain busy with initiatives that will continue to place Columbus at the forefront as a premier filming location in Georgia,” said Joel Slocumb, Columbus Film Commissioner. “One important initiative has been the development of our Local Resource Guide. This is a place for companies to include their services and products for the consideration of filmmakers that shoot in the region.”

The date for the next quarterly meeting will be announced soon. To receive your invitation please email FocusFilmColumbusGA@gmail.com.


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