COVID-19 couldn’t keep this faith-based feature movie from being filmed in Columbus

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While the coronavirus continues to keep most of the film industry shut down, Columbus is in the vanguard of locations showing how productions can shoot their projects safely and successfully — as well as boost the local economy and give local residents more experience in the movie business.

An independent feature film by Mustard Seed Entertainment titled “The Inheritance,” co-starring and co-produced by Phenix City native Meredith Riley Stewart, wrapped this month. Crews spent 17 days shooting at an antebellum home in the Upatoi community of northeast Columbus.

The movie is a faith-based, family-friendly story about a one-hit-wonder rock star named Kasey. She returns home, along with her estranged siblings, to bury their mother and claim their inheritance. The deed to the estate is hidden on the property, and the first one to find it inherits everything. But, as she races her siblings, the scavenger hunt for the deed leads Kasey and her siblings to a revelation.

“The film deals with the biblical theme of ‘You can’t take it with you,’” Stewart, a 1997 graduate of Central High School, told the Ledger-Enquirer last year, “and also reminds us that our true inheritance in life is not money or an estate but the people that we are blessed to call our family.”

Now back in Los Angeles, Stewart told the L-E last week that seeing her dream of filming a movie in her hometown area come to fruition despite the challenges is another lesson about faith.

“This project has been put together for over two years,” she said. “… It was a lot of figuring it out, of striking out with people, getting a no and just having the attitude of like, ‘Every time I get a no, I’m getting closer to a yes.’” – See more at The Ledger.


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