The Liberator: A Netflix Original Series Made with Georgia Post

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The release of  THE LIBERATOR marks the very first show to complete creative post for Netflix in Georgia, let alone with Dolby AtmosDolby Vision, and the latest cutting edge industry-standard for online post, IMF Mastering. It is also the first show to be presented in Trioscope: “a proprietary animated drama engine that fuses live-action with animation for a groundbreaking moving graphic novel experience.” This is a landmark achievement not only for our teams at Moonshine and Bare Knuckles, but also for post-production in the state of Georgia. We have been a part of the evolution of this project from day one—back in our old joint facilities with School of Humans—and garnered excitement over the past three years for the new possibilities this show opens up in creative animation and filmmaking.

“We wouldn’t be able to offer this type of HDR service and provide this pipeline if we weren’t equipped in team, talent, and tech to accomplish it.”

– Garrett Braun, Online Editor

The Liberator has been featured across the press for what Rolling Stone calls “a fresh approach to familiar material”. Read more from DeadlineIGNRotten Tomatoes, and Bubble Blabber.

We want to thank the incredibly dedicated, hard-working, talented members of our teams who each brought their unique strengths to this project and helped get it across the finish line:

In-House Post-Producers: Drew Sawyer + Hannah Rockette
HDR Color: John Petersen
Online Finishing / IMF Mastering: Garrett Braun
Sound Design + Mix: Chris Nicholson, Chris Basta, and Anthony Nolan

We also want to give a special thanks to our friends at Flanders Scientific and Dolbyfor outfitting our facilities with the best equipment in the business.


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