Focus Film Columbus GA event highlights progress, activity in the region

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Business owners and entertainment professionals from Columbus and beyond attended the Focus Film Columbus GA virtual event on Wednesday, December 9th. The event, usually held live, connects entertainment professionals, artists and local businesses.

The meeting was facilitated by Visit Columbus GA and the Columbus Film Commission. “As we wind down 2020 and look into 2021, the event is a great way to update those in the industry and community,” Peter Bowden, President and CEO of Visit Columbus GA and the Columbus Film Commission told the audience. “Our team has worked diligently during the year to maintain contact with filmmakers in Georgia and beyond. We are excited about the coming year and what’s in store for the Columbus region.”

The event included updates from:
– Georgia Screen Entertainment Coalition regarding legislative affairs
– Craig Miller, noted filmmaker, producer and director about filming in Columbus
– Joel Slocumb, Columbus Film Commissioner discussed activity in the area

“This has been an interesting year for businesses and the film industry. We have remained focused on developing relationships and refining our presentation of Columbus to better attract filmmakers,” said Joel Slocumb, Columbus Film Commissioner. “We have enhanced our marketing materials, social messaging and engaged with a new agent in Los Angeles. These activities combined with other strategic adjustments will keep Columbus in play for upcoming projects.”

The date for the next quarterly meeting will be March 24th. To receive your invitation please email


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