Columbus-filmed “My Brother’s Keeper” plays at National Infantry Museum

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Folks in the Chattahoochee Valley got the chance to see a movie filmed in Columbus recently showing at the National Infantry Museum.

“My Brother’s Keeper” is a film that focuses on a returning war veteran, T.C. Stallings, who struggles with PTSD and faith.

The scriptwriter, Ty Manns, is a retired U.S. Army Infantry officer who now lives in Phenix City. Manns already has recognition for another successful film “A Question of Faith.”

“This movie is based on my father struggle when he came home from Vietnam so there was a door open for him when he walked through that church that day to get help so we’re just excited about the fact this movie we hope will show people that somewhere there may your door open for you don’t give up,” said Ty Manns, retired Veteran and scriptwriter.

Manns estimated contributing more than $280,000 to the local economy while shooting on locations including Rose Hill Church, the Government Center, a local hospital, a security training center near Fort Benning, and downtown on 11th Street near Mabella’s restaurant. More at WTVM.


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