The FRIENDS Experience wraps soon!

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We all love FRIENDS™ and we have a chance to experience the popular show in Georgia. With less than a month left, The FRIENDS™ Experience wraps its massively successful run in Atlanta on Sunday, Sept. 26.  The 18k square foot immersive experience created by Superfly X, Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Warner Bros. Television Group, won’t be back in the Peach State, so there is a very limited time to still check it out. With consistent ticket sales and many sold-out days, “The One in Atlanta” recently extended three weeks to give superfans the opportunity to make one last visit before the experience departs for Dallas.

“Given the local hospitality and excitement surrounding the opening here, we knew Atlanta would be a strong market for The FRIENDS Experience. The support we’ve already received from fans has far surpassed our expectations,” said Stacy Moscatelli, Co-President and Chief Strategy Officer of Superfly X. “We’ve witnessed some incredible moments since opening and have even seen a dozen proposals (and one wedding!) at “The One in Atlanta.”

The immersive 12 nostalgia-packed rooms and activations are an experience made for social media! With re-created sets such as Monica’s kitchen, Chandler and Joey’s apartment, and Central Perk, a retail store selling exclusive merchandise, and rooms full of various props, costumes, character moments and scripts from the show, The FRIENDS Experience is a must see! Recognizable photo moments are found all throughout the space and continuously have fans screaming “PIVOT” and posing with coffee mugs.

To further connect with the Atlanta community, the experience has partnered with Agape Youth & Family Center, a local nonprofit that supports underserved communities by providing academic help and family services to school age children through a support program. This partnership extends through the experience’s end date.

“The One in Atlanta” is located at Perimeter Pointe in Sandy Springs at 1155 Mount Vernon Highway, NE at the corner of Mount Vernon and Abernathy. Ticket are available Thursday through Sunday as well as Labor Day. Prices start at $32.50, plus taxes and fees, and are on sale exclusively at

To ensure a safe environment for all staff and guests, The FRIENDS Experience continues to remain “Monica Clean” by enforcing COVID-19 protocols throughout the space. Those include but are not limited to social distancing, requiring masks, and thorough cleaning and sanitization measures. Learn more about the enhanced cleaning and safety measures as well as additional experience details at


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