Local organization hosts ‘Shoot Films Not Guns’ workshop in Columbus

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A local Columbus organization is calling for all school-aged children to come learn how to make their own commercial. It’s part of an effort to stop the violence.

The American Youth Arts Society is hosting the workshop. Shoot Films Not Guns was held at Carver High school earlier this afternoon.

Students from Kindergarten to high school got the chance to learn about the entertainment industry and create their own commercial with student filmmakers, actors, actresses and youth influencers.

Cofounder, Lyndon Burch, says things like this give kids something other than crime to focus on.

“We are trying to inspire them to use these workshops and pursue careers in the entertainment industries as opposed to picking up guns, being bullies and starting a life of violence,” said Burch. “So it is it really gives me a joy to be able to bring a program to area student that may benefit them to know if we have the next Issa Rae or Tyler Perry right here in Columbus.’’

The event also had casting and acting workshops. Students also have the chance to be featured in The American Youth Film Festival in Atlanta. See more at WTVM


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