Strike averted as TV and film crews, producers reach agreement

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Hollywood producers Saturday reached a tentative agreement with the union representing most TV and film crews with just over a day before a strike would have stopped nearly all production in Georgia and the rest of the nation.

The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE), which represents crew members ranging from technicians to makeup artists, came to an agreement with the group that represents producers such as Netflix, Viacom, Paramount and Disney. IATSE has 6,000 members in Georgia and 60,000 overall.

Thousands of workers would have been instantly out of work in Georgia on Monday if the two sides had reached an impasse.

Union members earlier this month overwhelmingly passed a strike authorization, providing leverage for IATSE leadership to get producers back at the table. Members will have to vote to ratify this particular agreement. While there is anonymous griping on social media about aspects of the deal, it’s unclear if there is enough opposition to scuttle it.

The agreement would improve wages across the board, provide workers on streaming service shows more equitable pay, create longer rest periods and impose bigger penalties if a production chooses to skip meals to save time. Crew members had complained that producers were forcing them to work longer hours and skip more meals with shorter rest breaks as companies such as Netflix, Disney+ and HBO Max felt increasing pressure to pump out more content quicker. See more at AJC.


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