Columbus students to gain first-hand knowledge of filming a movie during ‘Shoot films, Not Guns’ event

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Thursday, students participating in the ‘Shoot Films, not Guns’ youth initiative will gain first-hand knowledge of filming a movie.

In October, a three-day film and production workshop was held for all students, but specifically for students in high-crime areas to get hands-on knowledge about careers in the film industry.

Now, about 40 of those students will be able to see those same skills live and in action during the production of a movie about Marcus Garvey. Some students will have their big debut on set as movie extras.

Lyndon Bursch, founder of the organization, says it’s designed to decrease crime and violence among youth.

”The opportunity for the kids that are searching for another way. What they’ll do is – every kid can’t play basketball, every kid can’t play football or baseball, but this introduces them to the arts and careers in film – something a lot of people take for granted,” said Bursch.

Bursch says the success of this film will allow many more opportunities for youth in Columbus. (Courtesy WTVM)


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