‘Shoot Film, Not Guns’ is asking for funding to offer the program in Columbus

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‘Shoot Film, Not Guns’ is asking for funding to offer the program in Columbus. The organization aims to combat youth violence and bullying.

Through this program, the American Youth Film Festival offers workshops teaching students about the film industry in schools. Students are able to learn about casting, improvisation, screen writing and more.

‘Shoot Film, Not Guns’ was started in 2020 in response to a shooting in Warner Robbins. With Columbus seeing record high crime last year, one official says he’s hoping to offer more workshops.

“Instead of just having having four hours one day, we want to five, 10, 15 weeks of workshops,” said Lyndon Burch, director of ‘Shoot Film, Not Guns’.

At the end of those sessions, Lyndon Burch says children will then create public service announcements, commercials and short films. However, he says extending the program will cost 500 dollars.

If you’re interested in donating, click here.


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