Georgia’s Tax Incentives For Film: Vital For Our Community

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Georgia is currently the top filming location in the world.

The Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act offers a flat tax credit of 20% to certified projects based on a minimum investment of $500,000 over a single tax year, on qualified expenditures in Georgia. The $500,000 annual minimum expenditure can be met with one project, or the total of multiple projects in a single tax year. If a production company chooses, they can sell or transfer the tax credit to one or more Georgia Taxpayers.

These enticing incentives have played a significant role in turning the state of Georgia into the nation’s top filming location. Recently, amendments adopted in the Senate Finance committee to HB 1437 included a $900 million annual cap on the overall program, a $150 million cap for any single production company, and prohibits the ability to transfer or sell credits beginning in 2023.

“We are talking with legislators from all over the state about the potential impact of these proposed changes,” says Lewis Massey with Impact Public Affairs. “We appreciate the action by the Georgia Senate to slow down the movement of HB 1437 to give all of us more time to discuss our concerns.”

The groundbreaking infrastructure in film and television built in Georgia over the past decade has inspired numerous businesses and other industries. Within the Southeast region, Georgia has surged ahead of other states in its dedication to boosting the television and film sectoral economic impact.

“We are grateful for the swift action of the Georgia Senate – leaving our film incentive program in a healthy and competitive position,” says LaRonda Sutton, co-president of Georgia Production Partnership (GPP).

In 2020 – even at the height of the COVID shutdowns – 234 feature films, television productions, commercials, and music videos were made in Georgia. By 2021, the direct spend total generated by the film and television industry reached a record $4 billion.

“The state film tax credit has grown and nurtured the Georgia film and television industry into a thriving economic business for both native Georgians and those who have recently made the state home,” notes Jeremiah Bennett, co-president of GPP. “I’m grateful to Governor Kemp, the statehouse, and the Senate for continuing to support Georgia for being the best place to film in the world.”

For over 20 years, GPP’s top priority has been to protect the production tax incentive and strengthen the entertainment industry in Georgia. The organization is the first entertainment coalition responsible for the creation of the Georgia Tax Incentive and serves a critical role in defending the program and its importance: serving as the voice of Georgia’s film, television, and digital media industry.


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