A Black Female-Led Studio Rises in Georgia

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Tammy Williams, set to become the first Black woman to own a major production studio in Georgia, started with a vision. She wanted to build a facility where stories that are too often ignored could be told. Beyond that, she longed for a place where people in underserved communities could get job training in an industry that she’s built her life around.

Williams saw her goal start to come to life in March, when Cinema South Studios, a $135 million project, broke ground. Located on 85 acres (not far from Trilith and Tyler Perry studios), the complex will be spread over 1 million square feet, consisting of 17 buildings with numerous soundstages. It will house various set pieces along with a wardrobe rental facility, transportation company and a three-story office building that will host postproduction and audio production facilities. See more at THR.


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