Columbus Rivercenter premieres hit Broadway musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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People around the Chattahoochee Valley had a Golden Ticket in April.

They got a chance to experience the World of Willy Wonka during the performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Rivercenter.

It was a world of pure imagination as friends and family came out to see the live play.

The hit Broadway musical features songs from the original film plus a new score from the songwriters from Hairspray.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tells the story of Willy Wonka, a world-famous candy inventor. Now he’s made an astonishing announcement to open the gates to his factory, filled with Oompa Loompas, incredible inventions, the great elevator and more.

“’We you know we’re just so thrilled to be able to welcome this company here the shows that we do here our professional Broadway touring companies Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is one of those just wonderful family shows it’s here for this evening only and it’s a real testimony to the performing arts and to live theater people hunger for it this is something that they want to be a part of and I think they’ve missed it all through the dark days of COVID,” said Executive Director Norman Easterbrook.

Courtesy WTVM.


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